About us


Due to the development of Mining Industries in the republic of Sudan we decide to start the operation in Mining services and that is due to the high demand of the market and the professional team we had to deliver a unique services to our clients.

The Economy of the Republic of Sudan depending on Mining Industries as one of the backbones to support the country from different aspects as products value, explorations, man power and additional method of income.


Due to the expansion of the Mining Industries in the Republic of Sudan we focus on delivering a professional job to our clients to support the development of the economy of the Republic of Sudan.


Our mission is to provide the best genuine Industry leading drilling services that exceed our client’s expectations. We pioneer the best services to maximize the value we create for the customers and to minimize their cost to the lowest reasonable level with professionalism and timely manner.


Our philosophy is to present a professional team, deliver the best services to satisfy the client’s requirement and maintain an excellent relationship

Our Team

The company had hired a remarkable expertise with track records over two decades in Mining Industries to deliver genuine professional services to our valuable clients. Our team is of Project Managers, Engineers, drilling experts and consultants, Geologists, Technicians, Skilled labors and labors. The above mentioned team is supported with strong management team in Khartoum to plan, support and supervise the entire operations in different locations.


Our management decided to invest on brand new machinery, tools and vehicles to grant the best quality of services to our valuable clients.

Business location:

The business location is in the Republic of the Sudan where the mining industries is flourishing in Atbara, Halfa, red sea state and Middle of Sudan.

Our partners